Sex education offers

Offers for schools: Teaching units

  • “How is a human created” 4th grade
  • Workshop 6th grade Girls: Puberty. Boys: Puberty
  • “Fertility, contraception and relationship Workshop 8th grade
  • Parents’ evenings before starting teaching units at school
  • “Pregnancy counselling – what is it?”
  • Additional topics by arrangement


  • Objectives Appreciation of one’s own body, respect for others
  • Sensitisation, strengthening body image and body awareness
  • Information on sexuality, fertility and contraception
  • Talking respectfully about sexuality
  • Possibility to deal with one’s own values and life plans
  • Positive identification with one’s own gender and building self-confidence
  • Promoting a positive and joyful attitude towards love and sexuality
  • Involving parents in the educational work with special offers in the evening before starting teaching units at school

An open discussion in a protected atmosphere which shows sensitivity towards different values is required in order to achieve these objectives.

We use different methods in both: same-sex and mixed-sex groups.

Our team consists of a woman and a man who are specially trained for this work.

We are happy to be your contact for teachers and multipliers.