Counselling for single parents and parents with children aged 0 – 3 years old

Nothing changes life as much as a child does

We are there!

We are happy to advise you as parents on your own specific questions

We help you to deal with challenges such as organising education, work and family

We support you in applying for parental allowance, parental leave, national education allowance, child care allowance, child benefit, housing benefit and in securing your income, such as in applying for housing benefit, child benefit supplement or unemployment benefit II.

We provide financial support from public and church authorities (“Landesstiftung”, “bischöflicher Härtefond” – espiscopal hardship fund) for baby equipment and in emergency situations.

We support you during crises following the birth, in difficult situations or if your life situation changes.

We support sick parents or parents with disabilities, as well as parents with a sick child or a child with disability. We provide very targeted help.

We will be glad to help you up to your child’s third birthday!

Special services:

Counselling in cases of postpartal depression (“baby blues”)

Advice for questions related to family planning and contraception

Help from family midwives after birth, in the first year of life             read more

Advice to parents regarding bonding with, and development of, the baby

“Babykorb”               read more

Transitional housing for mothers with babies in emergency situations

Counselling following the loss of a child, after stillbirth, after sudden child death