Counselling during pregnancy

We provide all answers to your own specific questions.

We also support and accompany you in difficult situations during pregnancy and after the birth of your child, in all emergency situations, and during problems and times of crisis until your child is 3 years old.

We provide financial support for the baby’s initial equipment (“Landesstiftung” public fund and episcopal hardship fund)

We counsel you preparing for your baby’s arrival,

We counsel you about Mutterschutz and Mutterschaftsgeld and Elternzeit and Elterngeld, as well as in questions of child care after birth

We help you applying Elterngeld and Elternzeit, Kindergeld, when dealing with agencies and authorities, and in securing your livelihood following the birth of your child.

Special counselling services:

  1. Counselling regarding antenatal examinations (prenatal diagnostics) read more
  2. Counselling following stillbirth, miscarriage and abortion read more
  3. Counselling for conflicts during pregnancy read more
  4. Birth preparation courses in Konradviertel read more
  5. Provision of family midwife support for woman, couples and families during pregnancy and in the first year of the child’s life read more
  6. Open midwife consultation hours read more
  7. Transitional housing for expectant mothers and mothers with babies in emergency situations
  8. Carrycots for babies and children’s chest: second-hand children’s clothing for single parents and families until the child is 3 years old read more
  9. Counselling for single parents and parents with children aged 0 3 years read more
  10. Counselling for family planning and contraception